Park of the Prehistoric Caves of Serinyà

The region of Pla de l’Estany has a great value of prehistoric remains. One of the most important spots is the Park of the Prehistoric Caves of Serinyà. Although it’s a little way away from Esponellà Campsite, it’s a good place to visit by bicycle and enjoy the views.

The trail is about 7.6 km long, and the trail head is at Esponellà Campsite, heading towards the Illa del Fluvià. Follow the Fluvià River up to Sant Miquel de la Roca and head south towards the village of Martís. Once you reach the Rec d’Espolla stream, turn right towards Serinyà and pass by the model aeroplane field (at the centre of the esplanade), turn left and then right. You’ll reach the edge of Serinyà. When you reach the house of Can Bosquerós, turn onto the narrow, tarmacked track. You’ll pass through the centre of Serinyà. You may want to spend some time visiting the village.

Next, leaving the town of Serinyà, take a left and then a right. You’ll pass can Cermosa, a beautiful farmhouse surrounded by ancient holm oaks. Shortly afterwards, you’ll reach the Park of the Prehistoric Caves of Serinyà.

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